Review – Najee Poetry In Motion

Najee is back for 2017 with a new release. Poetry In Motion will be the 18th album for the musical veteran.


Review – Najee Poetry In Motion

The album opens with a slick track, called Stratosphere. I always say that the opening track sets the tone for an album. In this genre, you really want to strive for a nice uptempo groove. Stratosphere is that, and then some. Najee takes the lead with that signature horn, but the rhythm guitar and the piano stylings are tight there, making this a strong track. I would not be surprised if this ends up being a single.

Is It The Way is up next, and it is a vocal track that features Eric Roberson. Eric has been an in-demand vocalist recently, and after you hear this track, you will know why. The vocals seem effortless over the tight beats and that signature Najee sax sound. Najee performs a solo halfway through the song, so it really seems like a duet between the instrument and the voice. If you are looking for a current R&B song, this is it.

Najee steps a little out of his comfort zone with Let’s Take It Back. Best known for his slow to mid-tempo grooves, Najee just rides this this up-tempo song quite nicely. It features Incognito, and Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick does some masterful production work here.

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